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Roman Catholic Pastoral Services



It is certain that money cannot buy ONE thing.

Love, you ask? NO, money CAN buy love, especially to people who love money; OR by attracting someone that is "out of a person's league", and the two eventually growing to love each.

NO, The ONE thing for certain that money cannot buy is worth more than all the money in the world. That one thing is faith. It is a gift from God, and cannot be bought or sold.

So, how do you find and obtain this treasure for yourself?

PRAY EVERYDAY, and ask GOD for faith, and don't stop asking until you have a rock solid faith. And when you get it, and you will, you will be infinitely richer than any multi-billionaire who doesn't have faith.

Faith is a type of wealth that increases when we share it. We become wealthier and so do others.


If you knew what GOD has prepared for you, you'd be lining up to die.


I often wondered how most people will be fooled by the Antichrist at the endtimes, whenever that may be. But seeing how most people were fooled by the media and other liberals about President Donald Trump, it is crystal clear to me now how that will happen.


We all have our dues to pay in this life, but you would be wrong if you think we all pay the SAME dues.


A saint is someone who really knows their priorities, as opposed to a worldly person who doesn't.





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