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Roman Catholic Pastoral Services

The Holy Face of Jeus

Devotion to the Holy Face in reparation for the many insults Jesus suffered in His Passion: being slapped, spit, punched, and kissed by Judas, as well as now being dishonoured in many ways in the Blessed Sacrament by neglect, sacriledges, and profanations.

The Holy Face of Jesus Christ
"I firmly wish that my face reflecting the
intimate pains of my Soul, the suffering and
love of my Heart, be more honored! Whoever
gazes upon me, already consoles me"...
(Our Lord to Blessed Maria Pierina)

Holy Face Medal
On one side of the medal bears a replica of the
Holy Shroud and the inscription: "Illumina, Domine,
vultum tuum super nos" - "Thy countenance shine upon us".
On the reverse side: "Mane nobiscum, Domine" - "Stay with us,
O Lord".

Promises of Our Lord Jesus Christ....

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the adorable Face of
Thy Beloved Son Jesus for the honor and glory of
Thy Name, for the conversion of sinners and the
salvation of the dying.

Oh Jesus, through the merits of Your Holy Face,
have pity on us, and on the whole world. (repeat-3)